"Happy Frickin' Mother's Day, mom!"


Another Mother’s Day is approaching, and I think of my mom who will be spending it with my sister in Germany. For my mom, life wasn’t so easy. She was born in Berlin in WWII. Her dad passed away in the last few days of the war, and her mom had to raise four young children by herself. But that’s a whole other story ...

My mom raised my sister and I as a single mom in a time when that wasn’t as common as it is today. We grew up in West-Berlin, a city that had its own, very real after-war challenges. And yet, my mom was an amazing mother to us. I know it was very challenging at times. And yet, she was always there for us, even though she had to work. She took care of us, nurtured and loved us, and did what needed to be done. To this day she has my back and is my biggest supporter . My mom lives with me, and I can accomplish so much more because she helps me in so many ways. I am eternally grateful for her being who she is, and for her unwavering love that shows in so many ways. Thank you, mom!

As this Mother’s Day is approaching, I can’t help but reminisce about being a mom. This is my 24th one since my first son was born. What an amazing time it’s been …

 I remember one morning waking up to … “Happy frickin’ Mother’s Day, mom!”

3er Photos_00040A.jpg

… that was the good morning of my teenage son that morning as he lazily rolled over in his Costa Rican bed. It was my second Mother’s Day that year - lucky me, I got 2 (talk about being in the right place at the right time :-)). Costa Rica’s Dia de La Madre is on August 15th, every year. No matter what the weekday is. It’s a real holiday, schools are closed, many shops and businesses tambien, people don’t work, except for the mothers cleaning the house top to bottom for the family to come visit …

We’d come to Costa Rica for many happy returns. Originally, we started with the idea of immersing the boys into the Spanish language. Who would have thought many years ago where our search for Spanish immersion would lead us ... Our first trip 15 years ago to a little Spanish School in the rainforest of Costa Rica. We stayed with a local host family where no one spoke English, they kids played soccer with the local kids, barefoot in a field. I wrote an article for Life Learning, a homeschooling magazine which ultimately led me to start a business marketing the programs of the Spanish School/Volunteer Center/Wild Animal Rescue Center that is known as Proyecto Asis and so many other adventures …

  … to surfing trips … to many new friends, … to a snake bite, … and so much more. We now feel quite at home when we arrive at San Jose airport. It’s fun to explore new, unknown places, but it’s almost an even better feeling to return to familiar places, notice the changes that happened in our absence and wonder what happened, to be welcomed by friends happy to see us.

This is just one of the many, many fond memories I have with my children …  Looking back over the years with my boys I realize that it’s been an amazing journey. An interesting, sometimes challenging but most of all rewarding one. And I feel like every day is Mother’s Day for me. I am happy to have three beautiful, smart, amazing boys, I’m happy to be able to spend so much time with them through the choices we’ve made in our lives. I’m happy to be with them, I love seeing the world through their eyes, learn from them, grow with them and through them. Thank you, boys!

What is your favorite memory as a mother?

From my home to yours,