Faces of New Smyrna Beach: Becky Reichenberg at LaAbilie's Tea Room

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I learned to drink English tea from my uncle. Most adults around me were coffee drinkers. But he had spent some time in England and shared his passion for a good cup of tea with me when I was a young girl. My mother-in-law is English, and I’ve enjoyed many wonderful cups of tea with her whenever we get together!

Becky Reichenberg at LaAbilie’s Tea Room is one of the interesting faces in New Smyrna Beach:

During the creation process of the New Smyrna coloring book someone in the local community suggested I go check out LaAbilie’s Tea Room and Bistro on Live Oak Street, just off of Canal Street. I met Becky Reichenberg, a Navy wife, mother of three, and grandmother of six.  She was inspired to open her own tearoom after spending three years in England. I will let you tell her in her own words:

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in New Smyrna Beach.


In the description for the coloring book you wrote that the opening the tearoom had been a lifelong dream, tell me more about that.  OR Where did the idea for an English tearoom come from?

I wanted to serve tea, have tea parties, and have a tearoom since a little girl.  Having 3 older brothers, who said I drove them crazy talking about it, then having 3 sons of our own, it didn't seem having tea parties and serving tea was going to happen.  Then, along came the granddaughters and the tea parties began!


You have an unusual name for your tearoom, tell us about it.

The name, LaAbilie's, is a combination of their names, Lauren, Abigail and Natalie.  My husband was stationed in England the last 3 years of his Naval career and that was pure heaven for me.  I met one of the Mr. Twinings and he demonstrated for our military wives group how to do a proper tea.  It was wonderful.  

What special events do you host at the tearoom?

We do host teas for events such as birthday parties for young ladies and beyond, Bridal and Baby showers, retirement parties, small wedding receptions, cocktail parties, volunteer luncheons, Bible study groups, etc.

What do you love most about New Smyrna Beach?

I love New Smyrna Beach first and foremost because we grew up here.  Our grandparents, parents and siblings have called New smyrna their home.  It has the best beach in the world, the best people in the world, and the weather just cannot be beat!

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What are some things on your bucket list?

One of my bucket list items is to return to England for a visit.  We enjoy many aspects of England and look forward to returning someday soon.

Anything else you would like to share?

One of the greatest things about the tearoom is that we are able to enjoy seeing family and longtime friends as they stop by.  It's also such a wonderful way to meet people and tell them all the great things about our perfect little town.  

We cannot thank enough our family and many dear friends who have helped us so very much over the last few years achieve my dream of owning a tea room. My husband David and our 3 sons, Jason, Nathan, and Jeremy have been my strength over the long days of renovating this lovely old house. I love them dearly.

Whether you’re a local in New Smyrna Beach or a visitor, LaAbilie’s Tea Room and Bistro is well worth a visit! Being welcomed by the owners and the many personal touches, from family photos to Becky’s wedding dress, will make you feel like you’re visiting family!

P.S. The scones and clotted cream are the best in a big radius!

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