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When a friend of mine suggested I start a blog for my new Culture To Color website, my first reaction was “what would I write about creating a coloring book?” A couple of days later, in a different conversation, I found myself recounting the adventures I’ve had just that week in the process of putting the DeLand Coloring book together. That’s when I realized I totally do have stories to share. Stories about the people I meet and about doors that open, and stories about life in general. But let me back up a little …

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Photography has always been part of my life. I’ve taken pictures for a looong time. The first ones I remember where photos of ice-flowers in my childhood bedroom window … Back in the day, of course, we used cameras with film and no automatic settings, and the anticipation of waiting for that next roll to get developed was an exciting part of life.

Fast forward a couple of decades and the decision for a new camera was a tough one. A choice had to be made, to stay with the old & familiar, a camera with a roll of film in it, or taking a step into a new era and choosing a digital camera. My curiosity won, I went with the new technology. And I haven’t looked back!

I’ve always taken a lot of photos wherever I go. I never had any formal training to speak off, I just like to take pictures. To me, photography means capturing an adventure, a moment in time, and being able to share it, to connect with you, even though we may be separated by time and space. It is sharing my love and joy of life!

Culture to Color gives me the opportunity to turn my photography into a different medium I can share with you, Coloring Books. For my first one …

… Come explore & discover the sites of DeLand, Florida with me,

a town I love to live in and be part of its everyday life and culture.


It’s been fun and rewarding to make this coloring book a reality, and I would like to thank the many people who have helped me with their support and in the creative process: Linda Willason, Bruce Herwig, Chris, Ben & Nico LeBlanc, “Omi” Linda Roth, Nancy Benet, Kathy Aparo, Edith Duran, Larry French, Patt Lott, Maresa Hudson, Marta Zarella, Kate Zarella, Elmer Hall, and many more.

This project turned from a fun idea into a world of new opportunities and possibilities. I have made new friends and doors to new adventures opened ...

Thank you all!!!

Bibi 💖

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