Our Purpose

It started with a love of travel and storytelling.
Everywhere we went, in every city, we found stories just waiting to be told—and we started asking, “How can we bring these stories to light? The world is full of colorful stories. We think discovering and telling them is the best part of visiting new and out-of-the-way places.

We Believe ...

... the world is a fascinating place and that the best stories too often go untold. That’s why we founded Culture to Color, to highlight the culture and history behind some of the world's most incredible people, places, and things.

In Telling Stories

We made the process of creating unique coloring books easy for businesses, non-profits, and organizations, so they can have an engaging new medium to tell their best stories and increase interest in their mission.

You Can Color

Our team works directly with you to tell your unique story through the pages of an interactive coloring book that engages and informs.

Coloring books are fun, relaxing, creative—and highly effective!

The data is in: coloring is good for your health. It reduces stress, improves clarity, and provides a host of other benefits. As it turns out, coloring books are also one of the best ways to engage audiences—and with a loyal and growing fan base of adults, coloring is not just for kids any more!

Why not use coloring to help organizations tell their own stories?

Combining our love of good stories and the creative power of coloring, we realized we could help businesses, non-profits, and local organizations reach out to their audiences and boost recognition in this fresh, creative format.

If you have a colorful story, don’t waste it on a social media post

Our customers have chosen to create with Culture to Color because a coloring book is a more lasting and engaging way to capture (and invite others into) a good story than a disappearing post online.

After all, a coloring book is one of the most engaging forms of storytelling, literally bringing the reader into the process of creating the image. We can’t think of a better way to honor a good story.

Bibi LeBlanc

Founder and CEO

Inspired by beautiful stories throughout her travels and close to home, Photographer and Award Winning Best Selling Author Bibi LeBlanc is the founder of Culture to Color.

Maresa Hudson

Director of Operations

Bringing years of experience in operations management to the Culture to Color team, Maresa Hudson ensures projects stay on track and on budget as Director of Operations.

Linda Roth


A great asset to the Culture to Color team, Linda Roth's dedication and support keep our operations running smoothly. She enjoys gardening, traveling and spending time with her grandchildren.

Matt Weaver


With years of experience in helping businesses share their story, Matt Weaver joined Culture to Color to highlight the wonderful cultures from around the world.

Tom Pfingsten

Public Relations

A journalist by training, Tom Pfingsten brings years of writing and communications experience to the Culture to Color team. Tom values education, family and community.

Chris LeBlanc

Research and Development

With a keen eye for detail, Chris helps keep Culture to Color’s operations running smoothly. He enjoys surfing, traveling, photography, and is training to become a pilot.


Graphic Design

Ginger's keen eye for detail make her an exceptional addition to our team. Her drive for excellence are invaluable in shaping our visual identity and delivering exceptional design.



Denise is a driven and creative marketing professional who brings a wealth of experience and fresh ideas to the Culture to Color team. She has quickly become an invaluable asset to our organization.

Richard Weaver

Senior Editor

As a history teacher of 40+ years, Richard brings a love of stories, cultures, and writing to his editorial oversight of Culture to Color's award-winning books. We are so grateful to have him on board as Senior Editor.

Ben LeBlanc

Research and Development

Ben serves Culture to Color in many capacities, driven by his tenacity and a passion for creativity. In his free time, he enjoys skateboarding and reading. He's a great asset to our team!

Lilly The Dog

Wellness Coach

At Culture to Color, we attribute much of our success to hiring the best wellness coach in the business. Lilly The Dog has always brought life and color to our office, making sure everyone is well and happy!